My husband and I had both had been laid off from our jobs. We were having dinner on Valentine’s  day and I said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to own  a cool lounge, with dark purple lighting; a really cozy place. A place that you and I would want to hang out at?” He said, “Yeah, maybe.” Two weeks later, my cousin said there was a bar in Lawrenceville for sale. We learned this bar (called Bill’s Tavern) had been for sale for a while because the owner needed to connect with someone in order to sell this place which had been his home for 30 years. Well, Bill and I connected over my love for children, and his love for his grandkids. In June 2010, we closed on the building and my husband got to work. The first thing we did was to remove the dropped ceiling and expose a beautiful tin ceiling!!

We found newspapers from the 1920’s used as padding on the steps. After doing more renovations in the 90-plus degree heat, we opened on September 10, 2010. We tried to make it a place where people would feel welcome and relaxed. We hope you enjoy Eclipse lounge and the history with it. A friend of my Aunt’s did a history on the building for us and here is what he found out.

About 1880 – This site is occupied by Eagle Pharmacy 1881 – 1885 George Engel ran his barbershop. In 1882, it is not clear as to whether Anthony Engel, ran a saloon in the front of the building here, or if he worked as a saloon keeper and lived here. The barbershop may have been in the back.

From 1884 – 1885, Meanor and Harper ran a Livery and Sales Stables. George Harvey appears as a veterinary surgeon. Samuel Jones is a driver. By 1886 Martin Ohling is running the barbershop in the front of the store, while a shoe store (that also repaired shoes) was operating in the back. George Metz was apparently the proprietor of the shoe store. It is not clear if George Matz, George Netz, and/or George Uetz are the same men or different men. However, they are all working and/or living at 3705 from 1886 to 1892.From 1893-1894 W. J. Haber and Company, a dry goods store, occupied the site. In 1896-1912 Kennedy F. Lange is back with his pharmacy. From 1913 to 1915 George Erskine ran Erskine’s Pharmacy. From 1918-1940 Armand Kleinan a church goods store.1943-1961 A and B Restaurant occupies the site. Lawrenceville is in a state of decline and the restaurant is sold. Around 1965 it became Joe and Stan’s Café. Around 1968 it became Joe and Mary’s Glass Bar and Grill. On November 30, 1976, William and Jean Krajcovic purchase the property for $20,000, and soon thereafter open Bill’s Tavern

UPDATE:  While digging for the back deck we found a bottle from Erskin’s Pharmacy in perfect condition!!!!  How cool!!



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